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Monday, August 28, 2006


I actually found a topic that Mojo, Troy, tc and myself ALL AGREE ON! Truly, it brings tears to my cynical, jaded eyes to know that there are still a few things that intelligent folks can agree on no matter how disparate their political ideologies and perspectives on the world. Even more encouraging, it seems more and more likely that the slimy senator who placed the hold will either be exposed, or more likely, revoke his or her hold under cover of darkness.

I haven't checked all the bells and whistles on S. 2590, but it sure seems like a no-brainer for anyone who doesn't have anything to hide to be supporting it. I note also that one of my two senators, presidential hopeful Russ Feingold, has disavowed being the "holder". Good. The chances are very good that my other senator, Herb Kohl, is also not the "holder" since that seems far too sinister for someone as bland as Herb.

It would be so cool if the "holder" was smoked out, then hung up by his or her thumbs.


My predictions:

It’d be great if the slimy senator (SS) was Russ Feingold, the character responsible for the terrible Campaign Finance Reform bill. It could be that terrible bills are just his specialty.

And Robert “Sheets” Byrd has a history of being in secret societies. So this could be right up his alley.

Or perhaps all that flannel has finally gone to Lamar Alexander’s brain.

Senator Orrin Hatch is just unpredictable and whacky, so leave him in as a candidate. As an Utahn, I can personally testify to this.

Take Senator Depends (Patrick Leahy) off the list. He has a record of NOT being able to keep secrets, not even when they involve national security.

Jumping Jim Jeffords has a record of instability, so he could be responsible.

Lincoln Chaffee, a pale republican shadow of Joe Lieberman, is capable of anything. So put him on the list.

Harry Reid has proven to be politically deaf more than once. He’s a candidate.

Ted Kennedy could very well have been drunk and not have even known what he was doing.

John François Kerry voted for the hold before he voted against it. Take him off the suspect list.

Daniel Inouye is most likely senile. He may very well mean to hold up the bill as leverage for making Hawaii an independent country.

Mike Crapo – he’s on the suspect list just because of his name!
Jeez John, can't you let the partisanship go for a while? Here I had a nice little consensus moment going and you have to toss in a live hand grenade. Now tc will lambast the obvious Republican candidates (yes, there are plenty of them), you two will snark back and forth, and I'll be reduced to Rodney King asking "Can't we all just get along?"

Okay, okay, I know it's fun to snark, and it's true that tc "bet it's a Republican" so fine. If you really want to see how your opinion stacks up, go here: http://www.clubforgrowth.org/2006/08/whos_the_secret_holder_poll.php and vote.

Please be advised, the above is hosted on a conservative/pro-growth web site, so the results may be skewed. Still kinda fun, though. At the moment, Byrd is holding a substantial edge over Trent Lott with Ted Stevens holding firm in 3rd.
Dude, my picks are completely bipartisan! Did you even read them?
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No, should I have?
7 Dems, 4 Rep, 1 Ind. Not exactly balanced, but more so than I gave you credit for, John. My bad. All the names I recognized were Dems outside of Hatch, and everyone knows he's a complete loon.

Sorry 'bout that.
My bet was completely partisan, but based on the consistent opposition to any kind of campaign reform from the Republican Party

Not to say, of course, that there aren't Democrats that take the wrong positions sometimes. (we're taking care of those, starting with Loserman). But I just based it on simple statistical probability: like you would if, say, betting on a sports team.

Of course, nobody took me up on it. Maybe you had your own suspicions?

Anyways, you would have lost:


Stevens (AL-Loon).
Ted "Bridge to Nowhere" Stevens! I should have put him on my list, dangit!
What a shock!?!
Not that it was a Republican, but that it was one of those dumbasses who thinks we want Alaska to be more than just an oil pump.
And I love the backtracking that the hold wasn't secret. Typical politician!! Too bad he won't get recalled since the 3 or 4 people who live in Alaska probably like to have their kickbacks hidden.
TPMm continues to follow this story.

There's a loose thread to this "secret hold" story, and it bothers us.

By this morning, the dogged persistence of hundreds of bloggers and blogreaders garnered denials from 98 senators saying they did not hold up the Coburn/Obama spending transparency database bill. Only one senator, Ted "King of Pork" Stevens (R-AK), has admitted placing a hold on the bill.

But do the math -- you'll find that makes 99 senators. And Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) ain't one.

That's right: Byrd, whose penchant for pork would probably win him the Pork Crown if he weren't saddled with minority status, has for days declined to answer constituents and others who have asked if he put a hold on the spending database proposal, S. 2590.

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