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Thursday, August 24, 2006

My Presidential Ticket Comes Through!

Coburn and Obama recently co-sponsored legislation to make the awarding of public contracts far more transparent to the general public-- you know, the constiuency our Congress is supposed to serve. Interestingly, somebody try to ix-nay the bill without actually having to, what's the word... oh yeah, justify why they are opposed to increased transparency in government.

I really hope that efforts to smoke out whoever put the "secret hold" on the bill work-- and that whatever scumbag is responsible is resoundingly trounced the next time he or she is up for re-election.


I think every incumbant Senator should be voted out until this bill is passed, or at least until the dipshit with the hold shows his or her face and the bill goes for a vote. Then they get voted out (or recalled and voted out) along with everyone who votes against it.
Senators Coburn and Obama tried to amend S. 2349 (Senator Lott's bill to provide greater transparency with respect to lobbying activities) on 28 March 2006 with S. AMDT. 3175. Their amendment was an attempt to add full disclosure of those receiving any federal funds to a bill that was much more specific in its scope. The amendment was ruled out of order by the chair.

Days later, on 06 April 2006, Senator Coburn introduced S. 2590 (A bill to require full disclosure of all entities and organizations receiving Federal funds), along with co-sponsors Senators Carper, McCain, and Obama. Twenty-six other senators eventually signed on as co-sponsors: Senator Santorum on 21 June 2006; Senator DeMint on 12 July 2006; Senator Sununu on 13 July 2006; Senators Allen and Isakson on 17 July 2006; Senators Clinton and Cornyn on 18 July 2006; Senator Bayh on 19 July 2006; Senators Collins and Frist on 24 July 2006; Senators Alexander, Coleman, Kerry, and Lieberman on 25 July 2006; Senator Reid on 26 July 2006; Senator Durbin 27 July 2006; Senators Sessions and Senator Thune on 28 July 2006; Senators Boxer, McConnell, and Voinovich on 31 July 2006; Senators DeWine and Landrieu on 01 August 2006; Senators Chambliss and Vitter on 02 August 2006; and Senator Snowe on 03 August 2006. That makes thirty Senators who are backing S. 2590, and many of them are recognizable names.

I'd suggest, instead of voting out every member of the Senate in order to get rid of the one Senator (or few Senators) who put a hold on this, that the Senators who signed on to this measure use the methods of the legislature to push this relentlessly. Submit it as an amendment to every bill that comes before the Senate. If that is ruled out of order or fails, then continue to re-submit the bill with a minor change (the changes can always be amended out) until it finally gets a floor vote. Granted, we will need to wait until September before there is another legislative session in the Senate, but following Congressional procedures may actually produce a vote on this bill long before all members of the 109th Senate can be voted out of office; possibly even bringing it to a vote before the November elections.
Gotta say I'm with you guys on this one.

good intentions, haven't seen enough analysis of the bill to make a call on whether it stands a chance of achieving those intentions, but at this point I still trust Barack....

But bring it to a vote.

5 bucks says the author of the secret hold is a Republican.
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