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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Lieberman and Lamont Update

Joe has Bubba out campaigning for him now. Does Clinton still have a lot of cachet with Democrats? Probably, probably. The man veritably oozes charimsa.

Only two weeks until Connecticut's primary-- and polls put the race at a dead heat. Fascinating. Truly fascinating.

And disturbing. Lieberman is a good guy and a fair-minded moderate. He's been called a Kennedy Democrat, and I think that's a reasonably accurate description. Not many of those left, and I despair for our country if the opposition party to the ridiculously socially conservative, yetfically out-of-control, Republicans throws him out for a loony lefty who has no real positions beyond "I hate Bush" and "Let's pull our troops out of Iraq ASAP."


Lieberman is no moderate.

He's a self- promoting opportunist, who inspires accolades from people like Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and Karl Rove- people who hold no brief for moderation. People who see moderation, in fact, as weakness.

He has found that he finds popularity and TV airtime by being the 'sensible' democrat on Sunday talk shows, and has come to regard his elected position as a sinecure- his by birthright.

His 'moderate' rep comes from a voting record that is far worse than it looks by the numbers. The only time he votes with Democrats is when his vote is meaningless- when the issue is far enough one sided or another that he can throw it to his nominal party without changing the outcome on the issue. When it's important, and he may make a difference, his vote invariably supports the Republicans.

But regardless; the reality is that he is being challenged fairly by an opponent who is actually a moderate, and who is being supported by Connecticut voters. You know, like Democracy? I know, it's been several years since it's been seen round these parts, but you might be able to dig out some old Civics texts and brush up.

So what's disturbing? That a Republican shill may get shown the door? That Connecticut voters may decide who they want to represent them in the Senate?

Contrary to your characterization, Ned Lamont is actually a moderate; socially liberal and fiscally conservative, like most of the country. And I defy you to find a quote of him saying "I hate Bush".

Maybe Lieberman was once a Kennedy Democrat, whatever that means. But Kennedy has been dead for over thirty years, and the voters have to decide on a candidate who is going to represent them now.

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