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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Johnny Depp: Saving the Globe!

There is clear and hypothetical evidence that the
number of pirates is inversely correlated with global temperatures-- more pirates, lower global temperatures, less pirates, higher global temperatures.

The connection is undeniable. Big kudos to Johnny Depp, then, for almost single handedly bringing coolness back to being a pirate. Jack Sparrow, despite the eyeliner and foppishness, is undeniably one hip pirate. Sparrow has caught the world's imagination and consequently greatly increased the interest in pirates and the number of young people dressing as pirates.

Unfortunately, global temperature changes do not occur overnight, so the impact of the increase in piratology may not be felt for a while. And if this type of behavior:

is to continue, one blockbuster sequel will be insufficient to tip the balance. We need more pirates!

Why Al Gore is wasting his time talking about emission standards and public transportation is beyond me. The man is missing the obvious. All we really need to do is go here, and purchase a pirate costume. Especially the women-- we need way more pirate women in the world.


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