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Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday's List

Yes, after a long and uneventful hiatus, Friday's List returns! In honor of training camps opening, here's my top 15 list of Fantasy Football running backs this year. I may do a top 15 all-time down the road a piece. But that would require research and stuff.

15. Willis McGahee. If Buffalo had a QB, he'd probably be higher. But they don't, so he isn't. Actually, he mostly made it into the top-15 because everyone else has even bigger questions about them as we enter the 2006 campaign.
14. Willie Parker. The question is, will wee Willie Parker get the rock more at the goal line now that the Big Bad Bus has retired? Personally, I don't think so, but I think Parker will begin to put up Tiki Barberesque numbers this year and get 10+ TDs anyway-- most of them from beyond 15 yards.
13. Brian Westbrook. Has the talent to be higher-- but unfortunately he's played for Andy Reid the past few years where the run to pass ratio is about 1-6.35 million. Gets bumped up in leagues that accord yardage more emphasis than TDs.
12. Rueben Droughns. This is higher than most folks have him, but I really think Droughns is the complete package on an improving team.
11. Cadillac Williams. Wore down and then got broke for a bit last year, but with a new year, he should return to his early '05 form. And with Chucky running the show, he should wrack up yards and TDs.
10. Ronnie Brown. The kid has skills and won't have to share the rock with The Toker any more. With a legit passing game, the running lanes shouldn't be quite so clogged, either.
9. Domanick Davis. If he can play a whole season, he'll be most excellent for your team. But he still has to run behind Houston's offensive line, so that's not a small IF. I'll be curious to see if any of the fans' wrath over not having Reggie Bush falls on Davis.
8. Steven Jackson. The departure of Mike Martz will likely help Jackson's stats-- and he certainly has the talent to produce a lot of stats.
7. Lamont Jordan. Had a very good year last year. This year, I think he'll have a great one.
6. Edgerrin James. If he weren't playing for Arizona, I'd probably put him at #4. But he is playing for the Cardinals, so he's luck y to be this high.
5. Tiki Barber. Somehow manages to put up gaudy stats year in and year out. I guess he's just such a good guy you don't hear about him as much as some of the big mouths. Squeaky wheels and grease and all that.
4. Clinton Portis. Not in the same category as the top 3, but in a very good system for his skills.
3. LaDanian Tomlinson. The #1 guy for the past few years, LT slips to #3 on the basis of a questionable QB and the sheer awesomeness of the two guys in front of him.
2. Shaun Alexander. He only set a record for number of touchdowns in a season last year. You'd think that would get you the #1 spot the following year, wouldn't you? Not quite. Though it was very close.
1. Larry Johnson. Any RB with any talent at all that runs in the K.C. offensive scheme will be a top-10 back. Larry Johnson has a LOT of talent. He may challenge Shaun Alexander's newly minted season touchdown record this year.

Go Pack Go!


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