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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Forks at the Ready!

Stick 'Em! The Brewers that is. They are done. 4-8 since the All-Star break, and their bullpen looking worse by the outing-- which is impressive. But not in a good way. Started their homestand by losing two out of three to the pathetic Pittsburgh Pirates, owners of the worst record in the National League and the worst road record of any team in the majors.

The big saving grace for the Brewers was going to be the return of Ben Sheets and Toma Okha to the starting rotation. "Just hang on 'til they return!" was the rallying cry. Well, Okha has pitched two beautiful games, but D-Bow blew one of them, and Sheets pitched a gem on Tuesday-- 1 run through seven innings-- and Dave Bush promptly coughed up 4 runs in the eighth.

So much for that theory.

I'd like to think that now, at long last, we know that we're sellers (a poor team that can trade a player to a competing team for prospects) not buyers (ie., the NY Yankees) since we are 6 games under. And if we're sellers, not buyers-- if we've given up on this season and are focusing on the future-- then we can trade Carlos Lee for... well... quite a lot I should think. He's one of the top sluggers in the league, and a decent to above average left fielder.

I'd like to think that... but all indications are that the Brewers aren't going to trade him. Why not? I have no freadin' idea.

The only thing I can figure is that trading Carlos would be bad PR and hurt box office receipts. And it may well do that. In the short term. But if you get a good bullpen guy and a couple of prospect for Lee, you'll be filling up those seats for many years to come as the Brewers make a legitimate push to be a playoff caliber squad.

Meanwhile-- stab them with your steely foks!


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