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Monday, July 31, 2006

Favre on Acid!

Well, okay, not really. But it's hard to believe that he isn't on some sort of serious hallucenagenic drug when he says that this year's Packer squad is the most talented group he's ever played with.

Let's see. No guarentees at running back. Check. Offensive line still a huge questionmark. Check. No proven receiver behind Donald Driver, who really out to be a great #2 guy, not an average #1 guy. Check. No real improvement on a D-Line that was pitiful last year. Check. Brand new coaching staff on both sides of the ball. Check.

I'm glad Favre is optimistic, and I hope that the team is at least fun to watch this year (something they very much weren't last year), but... most talented group he's had in GB?

That's some good stuff he's dropping there, dude. Seriously good stuff.


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