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Friday, June 23, 2006

World Cup Update

After lots and lots of thrilling minutes of completely nothing at all happening, the U.S. lost a heartbreaking 2-1 game to Ghana yesterday. The loss knocks them out of the World Cup. I suppose I should feel bad that our team stunk it up so bad (they scored 2 goals in three games, and one of the goals was actually scored by the other team), but honestly, I'm pleased with the result.

Because now I can care even less about World Cup then I did before-- which is something of an achievement given how little I cared about it before the U.S. was knocked out.

I know that much of the rest of the world sneers at us because we don't get behind futball the way that they do-- you know, throw some bananas at the black players, threaten the officials with death, burn stuff just for kicks-- but, frankly, I'm okay with that. Because soccer is boring to watch for me, the penalty strucutre is ridiculous and perposterously subjective, and there are so many other, better, things to watch and/or do.

And thus ends my last soccer post for quite a long time.


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