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Friday, June 30, 2006

Coburn and Obama in '08

John wondered why I support Barack Obama for VP on my Tom Coburn/Barack Obama write-in ticket. This is why.

John also states that Senators do not make good Presidents. Um, 15 of our 43 presidents were U.S. Senators at some point in their careers. That's over a third, though it is true that only two went straight from the Senate to the White House-- Harding and Kennedy. Harding was not a good President, I'll grant you that. Kennedy was good though-- probably not as good as he's given credit for, but probably top-10. Truman and Nixon were Senators before they became President, and I would say Truman was also top-10, and Nixon might have been were it not for that little Watergate thingie he got mixed up in.

So, I think a two-Senator ticket is just the...err... ticket.

Coburn and Obama in '08!


I don’t want to get nasty, or maybe off the point and lost like our previous discussion over Ann Coulter. So I’ll keep this more succinct.

I couldn’t see myself voting for someone based on feel-good claptrap that results solely in a tiny change to web page text. I may as well vote for Doctor Phil if that was what I wanted in a leader. I need a record of accomplishments and achievements, both in politics and out. Some upper education would also be nice.

As for my point about presidents and senators, allow me to clarify. In the 20th century, no senator who was elected president finished his presidential term. So, in a direct senator to president election, there are no notables.

I like JFK well enough. He was a communist fighter and a tax-cutter. If only liberals were like him today. But does JFK belong in the top ten presidents of all time? It’s hard to credit such a notion. The facts that he stole the election, consorted with organized crime, and was addicted to sex and drugs, surely disqualify him from greatness.

Oh, and *thanks* for the link to Andrew Sullivan. Now I feel dirty.

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