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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Brewers In A Death Spiral?

It's probably a bit early to hit that particular PANIC! button, but it's getting close. The Brewers' rotation is a shambles, with injuries to #2 starter Ben Sheets, #4 starter Toma Okha, and #6 starter Rick Helling. The bullpen is getting overworked because the guys the Brewers are plugging in can't make it out of the fifth inning. Heck, often they don't make it out of the third inning, and once Ben Hendrickson managed to give up 5 runs and get pulled without getting a single out. And they just dropped four straight to the Pittsburgh Pirates-- one of the worst teams in baseball.

Their offense, which has been keeping them around .500 despite the pitching woes, went so far south you could hear didgeridoos. The Brewers scored 8 runs in the four games with the Pirates. They've lost five straight, and haven't scored more than 3 runs in any of those losses.

The other thing that had been dependable during the first quarter of the season was Derrick Turnbow, who was lights out for the first 40 games or so (12 for 12 in save opportunities). Since then, he's blown three of six save opportunities (including a must have win today) and his ERA has ballooned from 1.36 to nearly 4.

Their season is by no means lost-- they are only two games below .500-- but they can't win on the road, and if they don't get Sheets, Okha or Helling back soon they may be in too big of a hole to get out of. All of which sucks, because I'd really like to have a baseball team to root for until football rolls around again. Let me rephrase. I'd really like a GOOD baseball team to root for until football rolls around again.


I guess you never saw the challenge I left for you in some comment thread on my blog.

To reiterate:


wagering a week's worth of guest blogging privileges that the Brewers don't make post season play.

Bud Selig must be a Republican- he screwed the Brewers up so badly it'll be at least a generation before they come back, and hit the road with the money. Clean getaway, that.

Bud's Curse, I call it. I mean, besides bad teeth and halitosis.
I saw it. I also know a sucker bet when I see one. Maybe next year, but the Brewers aren't there yet.

Now... if you want to give me some odds, that would change the equation. As to the Selig/Republican comment-- I suspect you are right on both counts. I just don't think that there's any correlation to the two facts.
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