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Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Bonds Non-call

So, Barroid Bonds finally hit #715 a few days ago, thus passing Hank Aaron for second place all-time on the home run list. I don't like Bonds (does anybody?), and I think his feat is tainted by steroids (doesn't everybody?), so I didn't especially care when it happened-- particularly since it was for 2nd place. But after the fact, I heard the audio of the playcall on the historic 715th dinger-- or rather I heard the non-playcall, since the play-by-play microphone goes dead right in the middle of the call of that homerun.

Wow, spooky. Were the baseball gods saying, "Pay no attention to the cheater rounding the bases, he will be punished in due time?" Was it really just a technical glitch at the worst possible time as the Giants' media people claim? Steve Czaban thinks that's unlikely (scroll down a little)-- particularly since none of the other microphones went dead.

Or was it something more calculated-- a producer that doesn't like Bonds and can just be seen on that grassy noll over there? I don't know, but having heard the classic call of Aaron's 715th dinger, I can say that I don't mind that Barroid's call has been banished for all-time, no matter the reason.

It just feels right.


I like Bonds.... I think he is probably one of if not the greatest player in the history of the game. he was a hall of fame quality player with 3 MVP's before ANY anyone even alledges he started steroids.

Also he is being singled out at the king of cheaters when in reality he played in an erra when very likely the MAJORITY of players were doing the same thing he was. His greatness and superior skill level allowed him to take a much much great advantage of the steroid era.

Do I think he cheated..yes, do I think he would have passed Ruth without cheating... no. But since I don't hate the majority of ball players I don't hate Bonds. I also tend to support Bonds because I like to support all who I think are getting railroaded unfairly.. publishing a book that takes the word of a jilted ex-girlfreind (who was paid for the story) and call her stories absolute FACT is crazy...then to hear and see EVERY media person on the airwaves refer to said book as indisputable fact is a railraod job to the Nth degree.

The media tends to try and make life misserable for anyone in sports that doesn't treat the media well... Was Barry a Jerk to the media..yes but the media has went out of it's way to KILL him on anything and everything he has ever done..and I just don't side with the media.

So.. yes Barry cheated with steroids.. he was not alone and acctually most likely the norm in MLB... the records are tainted, but the era is tainted and his accomplishments are still undeniably great and historic... the media has gone to great lengths to vilify him... he is human and the act of taking steroids is not a sin that I feel is very great according to my personal morality... So I choose to celebrate his display of true athletic greatness admit I know little of who he really is and believe that most who hate him don't really have true reason to feel that way but rather base the negetive on impressions that may or may not be based in reality.
This is a lot of commentary for something as meaningless as baseball. Shouldn't we be talking about a real sport, like football.
And Speilman? Really? Well, at least his resume contains less fictional material than The DaVinci Code.
Yes Speilman... a very Packeresque hire to say the least.

football... OK... are any of you packer fans a bit scared of the lions this year? I happen to think coordinators are very very very very.... important........ to a teams success and the lions might have stumbled onto something this year.... luckily the Vikings will counter with a steady dose of Chestor Taylor... yes the unstoppable Chester Taylor.. how you gonna stap that????? (where is Jim when I need him) and 10 yard Brad Johnson bombs...

When is Brett going to either retire or not retire ..If I have to listen to this ridiculous and self promoting scripted soap opera again next year I will be forced to disembowel you.
Just in case you are still out there, Mr. 3 Straight & Counting, I will still respond. (I am assuming your current name is for the recent string of lame hires by the Vikes: Childress, Foley, & Speilman.)
Anyway, I do think coordinators are important, especially when they control the other side of the ball from the head coach (which Mr. Martz will do in Detroit). That said, I think that there is such a systemic problem in Detroit that even though the offense will probably put up some guady yardage numbers, I don't expect them to contend for the division title, or even to make it to 8-8. Granted, the Packers may have a harder time making it to 8-8, but that is another story.
I think Jon Kitna will be a steal in Fantasy Football, especially in a league that doesn't penalize for INTs. But in the end, the Lions are always just one self-destruct away from 2-14, and they have way too many guys that are prone to self-destruction.
The Chester Taylor thing is pretty funny. I'll be he averages fewer yards/carry than most fullbacks this year.
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