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Friday, June 30, 2006

Another Libertarian Victory!

While I'm busy tweaking Mojo and John's hot buttons, I might as well pass along a belated "well done" to the U.S. Senate (well, at least to the 34 "no" voters) for ix-naying the stupid Flag Burning Amendment. Realistically, anything sponsored by Orrin Hatch ought to just be burned and ignored. All right, that was unfair, but the amendment was wrong-headed and almost entirely political in nature. No surprise then that Hatch sponsored it and Bill Frist strongly supported it.

Nuts, I did it again. Sorry.

Flag burning is noxious and stupid and offensive and I personally despise anybody that does it, but this is AMERICA people-- stupid and offensive individuals are allowed to express their stupidity and offensiveness in stupid and offensive ways if they so choose. Ridicule them, revile them, roll your eyes at them, sing God Bless America to them, but don't try to limit free speech in order to avoid hearing and seeing things that you disagree with.

That would truly be UN-American.


While I am not a falg burner I do not think ill of those who would,nor do I think they are stupid. inspite of what most people think you don't have a whole lot of choice in what country you live in and all of them do infact have governmnets. you have NO choice of where you are born and grow up and of where your family is. government/countries have wronged, hurt and murdered many innocent people throughout the course of history, I find it difficult to condemn a strangers protests about their own country. I have no idea what that person has been through or where that persons hatred stems from. It is not just a free speach issue... if you silence your ctitics then you put yourself above them and government is supposed to be by and for the people not above and in charge of them if we keep giving more and more oversight power to the government they might someday be as bad as ......the NBA... now that is scary......I Rock
According to, Sha Lar, one of the organizers of Santa Cruz's 2nd Annual Old Time American Flag Burn:

"It seemed like a good idea to burn some flags just because we can."

Maybe the next time that I hear that there is a good old fashioned flag burning going down, I'll show up with some rainbow flags and light them on fire, too. Why not? I mean, we might as well do so just because we can.

Flaming rainbow flags: That's not hate speech; it's free speech.

Protected speech.

Those opposed can sing "Kumbayah," or maybe some show tunes.

I'm sure no one would physically try to limit my free speech in order to avoid seeing things that they disagree with.
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