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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Yo 'Sheed: Two Words



Actually, keep blathering on, and then go golfing as the Cavaliers do what absolutely no one, me included, expected them to do-- reach the Eastern Conference finals by taking the Detroit Pistons OUT. That would be so, so, sweet.

It would've been sweet even if Rasheed Wallace hadn't guarenteed victory in games 4 AND 5 (Detroit lost both games by 2 points), but he did, so it would be incredibly sweet if Lebron and the boys can finish off the Pistons. My dream NBA Championship match-up: Cleveland vs. L.A. Clippers (even if Sam Cassell is an alien).

Oh, and Steve Nash may have been the regular season MVP, but-- to date-- Lebron James has been the playoff MVP, hands down.


Nice blog. I think 'Sheed should keep talking too, because it will make a great upset even that much more fun.
Plus, maybe then the people of Minnesota can stop saying what a great coach Flip Saunders is even though he only got out of the first round of the playoffs once.
And regarding the MVP, LeBron should have won it in the regular season too.
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