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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wednesday Random Bits

Nothing coherent here. No thoughtful analysis. No deep insight into the world, or the events of the day. Wednesday. Hump day. I got nothing.


Should you wish to insult someone in an elegant manner, then please go here, thou spongy weather-bitten flap-dragon!

Should you wish to examine Bill Clinton's recent foray into expanding our nanny-state, please go here. Oh, and if we are really worried about childhood obesity, wouldn't encouraging better diets and exercise be a good place to start?

Should you need a chuckle, click here. Or here. Or perhaps--tc excluded, since conservatives are categorically not funny-- here.

Poking around I found this. I'm not surprised by the ridiculousness of the poll (it's G.B. Trudeau, after all), but does Mr. Trudeau really believe that FDR was our country's second greatest president? In what strange world of misperception and incoherence do you have to live in order to believe that FDR was a better president than Washington? Than Jefferson? Good grief.

Finally, I leave you with this. I particularly like #5.


#8 was much funnier.
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