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Thursday, May 25, 2006

The View From Your Window

Is a series of posts that Andrew Sullivan is doing over on his blog. Digital pictures sent in by readers literally showing the view from their window. Oakland, Virginia, Ghana, England, Azerbaijan. Fabulous. Just amazing how much is captured in simple snapshots of the world we all experience yet is so phenomenally diverse.

Also amazing that it's even possible to do. Think about it. People from all over the globe, taking a picture of their world which they then send to this one guy in Washington, D.C. He takes them and posts them in an online environment that allows thousands of other people to see them from all across the world.

Can you imagine the looks people would have given you back when George Washington was still leading the country if you had said, "In about 225 years we'll be able to capture images of places from all over the world and share them with each other nearly instantaneously?" The whole concept of instantaneous would be foreign back then. Photographs weren't around-- if you wanted an image, you drew it or painted it. It tooks weeks and months to transfer information from country to country, much less from continent to continent.

We live in amazing times, my friends.


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