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Monday, May 08, 2006

A Very Good Weekend

On Saturday my son scored four goals in his U-5 (ages 4 & 5) soccer game, and on Sunday my daughter received her first communion. The weather was excellent both days, and the smiles on my children's faces was enough to keep me grinning all weekend.

As an extra special bonus, Saturday night was the bowling banquet for the league Jenn and I are in, and her folks watched the kids... overnight! SaaaahWheat!

It is interesting to step back from myself from time to time and realize how much more important my children's success and happiness is right now than my own. This is likely as it should be, but I got as much enjoyment out of those four goals as I did out of any of the table runs I had in pool league this year, or my first five hundred series in bowling (yes, I'm not very good). And the smile of excitement and pride on my daughter's face on Sunday was irreplacable and warmed the cockles of my grumpy old heart.

My son tested for Black Belt last weekend, and I detoured from the politico-musical ranting for a bit for some paternal boasting myself over at teh Empire.

Congrats to the younglings.
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