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Thursday, May 25, 2006

There goes #9

Or maybe the Ten Commandments don't apply to Pat Robertson. Probably Pat heard the Lord tell him it was okay to bear false witness as long as the profits from the sales went to the ministry. Turns out he is also a bit of a cheater.

So, Robertson cheated to leg press 1000 lbs, and he lied when he claimed to leg press a full ton. Can't say I'm shocked.

No word on if Mr. Robertson will take Clay Travis up on his offer (towards the bottom of page 1). But it's only been a few days.

By way of comparison, this guy, who has been a competitive weight lifter for over 25 years, tore a calf muscle doing a 1600 pound leg press. As noted in the Travis article linked above, the Florida State University record for the leg press is 1335 lbs. And according to this page (admittedly, an advertising piece), the senior (over 50-- Robertson is in his 70s) world record in the leg press is 1305 lbs, set by Gary van Vorst in 2001 (page 6 of the pdf document).

So, Robertson claim to have leg pressed 2000 pounds-- a full ton-- is ludicrous.


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