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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Stuart Scott: Man Ho

Watched the very end of David Blaine's bizarre fish bowl thingie last night. My basic question... Why? I simply could not see the point-- I guess the guy just likes to push his limits and be in the spotlight. So, he's a freak-- but a relatively telegenic freak, so whatever.

But what's up with Stuart Scott's adulation as commentator on the bizarre spectacle? Good lord, Scott could not stop gushing about Blaine, blubbering on about how even though he didn't break the record for holding his breath the effort was still tantamount to curing cancer.

The man gushed so much admiration for Blaine I just about went into hyperglycemic shock.


Nice to see the ages-old profession of geek is still thriving.

I'm happy to say that other than seeing the picture of Blaine's fingers deteriorating and skin sloughing off his hands, thinking "Sometimes idiots DO get what they deserve" I've nearly completely ignored his stunt.

Call me when he starts biting the heads off of chickens.

We Accept you, One of Us! Goobel Gobble.
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