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Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Pack's Draft

This is a bit belated, sorry.

#1 A.J. Hawk was the right pick. It would be nice if he were a little bigger, but the dude has an instinctive feel for the ball that you can not coach and his athletic skills are very, very good.

#2 Daryn Colledge is a guy I know very little about-- but the only real knock on him seems to be his size. His size is fine for a zone blocking scheme (which Mike Whatshisname is installing).

#3 Greg Jennings is a guy I know very little about-- I just hope that Chad Jackson doesn't wind up being much, much better since we could've had Jackson.

#4 I really don't know much about any of the rest of the guys, but I am a fan of Ted "Magneto" Thompson trading down (with the possible exception of the trade with New England where we could have had Jackson) to get extra bodies. The Pack needs lots of bodies at this point.

There are tons of questions still remaining about the Packers-- can Favre still play at a high level? Will the zone blocking scheme and new draft picks help cover for the weakness on the interior of the O-Line? Was Charles Woodson worth what we paid for him? Will Ahman Green and/or Davenport return to anything like their pre-injury form? Can Rod Gardner do an adequate job of imitating Javon Walker?

But at least, for the first time since Magneto took over as GM, I get the sense that the team is at least moving in the right direction. Which is something.


First off, I think Rod Morgan has a better chance of imitating Javon Walker than Rod Gardner.
Second, why would you want Davenport to return to his pre-injury form? I want him to actually be good.
Third... Wait, I don't have a third, since I agree with most of the rest.
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