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Friday, May 19, 2006


Hey, did you know that the movie adaptation of The Da Vinci Code is opening today? Yeah, it's true-- there are only about 8.34 million ads out right now, though, so if you missed those, and all of the articles about the controversy, and haven't heard about it from your clergy, and haven't talked to anyone in over a month, I can see where you might have missed that fact.

If the movie really is truly this bad, and most of the reviews seem to agree that it is (well, except for Roger Ebert, and for me, that is pretty solid confirmation that it sucks), what happened? Ron Howard is a decent director, Tom Hanks is a terrific actor, and the book is popular and, according to those I've talked to, well-written.

Oh well. I wasn't planning on seeing the film anyway, so no big. Perhaps I'll get around to reading the book one of these years.


As a general rule, books that involve a lot of background don't make good movies. Unless you have a narrator explain all of the background (such as "And this secret society believes that Jesus & Mary Magdaline had a kid, but this even-more-secret socient likes to have sex with young children), then you need the characters to explain it in dialog, which gets really long.
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