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Monday, May 01, 2006

Justice for All Immigrants?

That was one of the slogans on sign carried by immigrants (for some reason, most news coverage of today's rallies declines to include the word illegal) during the rally today in Milwaukee. My feeling on immigration is, frighteningly, very similar to Hillary's-- secure the borders and work out a system where current illegal aliens can earn citizenship. But regardless of what your opinion on what is right and wrong, expedient or detrimental, if you're supporting the rights of illegal aliens, do you really want to be carrying a sign containing the word "justice"?

Don't. Think. So.

Justice is, after all, blind.

Justice does not care that you nearly died struggling across the desert to reach America. It cares only that you are here in violation of the laws of our country.

Justice does not care that you have a family depending on you for food and shelter. It cares only that the money being paid to you at your job is "off the books" and therefore illegal.

Honestly, sometimes it seems to me like those rallying in defense of our millions of illegal guests have absolutely no idea why anybody objects to their being here. Here's two big tips, free of charge, because I really would like to see all of our illegal residents become upstanding, law abiding, tax paying citizens:

1. Don't carry around a Mexican flag if you're living in the U.S. and supposedly want to be a citizen here (or at least remain here). Most folks seem to have gotten this one after the outcry following the protests earlier this year (though not all of them).

2. Don't make silly and completely unjustifiable claims to justice. If it were up to Justice, all of the illegal immigrants currently in this country would be headed back over the border with the point of her sword prodding them as they went.


Are you referring to Winston Justice in this post?
Umm... no. Lady Justice-- the figure that is used to represent justice in the United States. You can see her here. She is blindfolded, for justice should not be influenced by appearances. She has scales in one hand to weigh the evidence. She has a sword in the other to dispense punishment and to enforce the law.

She is a pretty standard issue image for justice and/or courts.
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