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Monday, May 01, 2006

Common Sense Prevails

Well, actually, it usually doesn't, but in the particular case of the really stupid idea of renaming the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to Wisconsin State University, the students have voted overwhelmingly to keep UWM. Good for them.

Of all the times to float this idea, right now may well be the worst possible-- after two successful trips to the NCAA Basketball Tourney the last two years, UWM has finally gained some national visibility. Twenty years ago, maybe this idea made sense because back then nobody knew anything about UWM, but not now.

Now, it would be stupid and counter-productive. Instead, let's try building on the exposure that UWM has gained via the Big Dance. Whining that UWM is in Madison's shadow and proposing changing the school's name to something nobody has ever heard of and which has no connection to anything at all won't help. It will do the opposite of help.

Besides, Wisconsin State University just sounds bad. Too many syllables.






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