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Monday, April 24, 2006

I Knew It!

Bring in a guest blogger and either he outshines you, or he is so god awful everybody leaves. I suppose the former is better than the latter, but damn you John, readership was WAY up while I was away.


Okay, I'm over it. Fortunately, I am not a tremendously insecure person, and since I have the power to make John's existence on this blog disappear on a whim, I'll be okay (got that, dude?!).

All right, all right. Seriously. Thanks John-- your posts were timely, well-written and intriguing (geez I hate you). I'm not sure what you were thinking admitting that tc might be right, but hey, a rookie mistake (I kid-- I find myself pretty much in the middle of you two. I do think the DA is grandstanding and it does seem the evidence to indict is thin, but we don't have access to everything. For now, I reserve judgement.).

Now-- I think I will attempt to focus a bit more on my creative writing in the next month or so. Consequently, I am leaving John's posting privileges as they are-- and if anyone else wants in, let me know (except Mojo-- he'd definitely make me look bad), and I'll think about it.

Oh-- and a big shout out to tc and John for having a rational, well-thought out discussion without resorting to petty snarking and pointless rationalizations. Now that's what I'm talking about!

I'm so proud. Sniff.
Thanks Nick! High praise indeed.

And, for the record, that darned Mojo is indeed intimidating. But I love his stuff!

Anyway, since you offered, it’ll be great to post a piece every now and then. Thanks.
Next time you go on vacation, or wherever the heck you were (probably just shacked up in the hills with some 17 year old and a bottle of Jack) why not let tc have the run of the place. I suspect that if you challenged tc with the offer, the gloves would come off and the place would start rockin'.

Either that or you graduate to stage of "hosting" a point-counter point discussion with John H and tc. That could get sufficiently weird enough to prove very interesting.
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