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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

How To Marginalize Your Movement

A LOT of discussion lately over immigration policy, illegal alien amnesty programs, and relations between the U.S., Mexico and, to a lesser degree, Canada. It is not an easy question-- current U.S. immigration policies make it far easier to emigrate here illegally than to do so via the convoluted and needlessly bureaucratic legal channels. With somewhere in the the neighborhood of 12 million illegal immigrants here, doing work and raising families, deportation is impractical and probably inhumane in many cases.

So, what to do?

Well, if you are a supporter of immigration reform favoring the current illegal aliens, then these guys are not your friends. My goodness what a bunch of dolts-- it's hard to imagine any approach more likely to polarize public opinion against you than to call everyone else racists, nazis, terrorists and thieves.

I mean, I favor fixing our existing immigration laws to encourage legal immigration and to discourage illegal immigration combined with a general amnesty for existing illegal immigrants. And my basic response to these twits is:
Bite me and get the hell out of my country. You and yours we will gladly deport. You have no claim in fact, and you have no clue in reality. Feel free to bugger off.
Those advocating for sensible immigration reform do themselves no favors allowing these nutbags to participate in their efforts at reform.

UPDATE: The link above has been fixed. Just keep scrolling. There's tons of things to get annoyed at, dislike in the extreme and even laugh out loud at because of the complete absurdity of the claims. For these people there are two choices-- agree with everything they say or you are a Racist White Supremacist. That's it.

You either support them or you're a Racist White Supremacist:
Like we said, there are a lot of good white people out there, but there are also the loud, violent, and low I.Q. Racist White Supremacists who would easily put us in concentration camps and ovens if they felt they could get away with it. Some have already written to us to tell us that they have concentration camps and hot ovens waiting for us.
While their rhetoric is bombastic, their math skills are severely wanting. First they claim the European Racist White Supremacists killed 95% of the indigenuous population (70 to 100 million), and then three paragraphs later claim that 45 million people in the U.S. are full-blooded Nican Tlaca (Indigenuous). So, 45 million is 5% of 70-100 million?

But those who disagree with them are "moron Racist White Supremacists."

Not to mention that most people spell the word Supremist. Oops, too late, I did.


Incorrect link, perhaps? I didn't see anything like what your mentioned.
Doh! Thanks for the heads up. It's fixed.
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