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Monday, April 03, 2006

Environmentalist Mood Swings

I think that must be what Laurie David-- Larry David's wife-- must be suffering from. Over the weekend I caught part of an interview with her on one of the network "news" shows. 48 Hours or the like. Anyway, she struck me as a complete lunatic. Just a raving eco-nut with very little tangible connection to reality.

Poked around on google a little and came across this interview from 2004.

She comes across as pretty normal and thoughtful. I mean, this statement makes a lot of sense: Everybody has to strike their own balance between how they want to live and how they can reduce their impact. If the environmental movement wants to be mainstream, it has to lose its purer-than-thou, all-or-nothing attitude. It has to be pragmatic enough to bring everyone onboard. If perfection is the measure, we will fail to appeal to anyone but the fringe.

Sure, I have a big house, but I use it to gather hundreds of people for eco-salons. That's not to justify the size of it, but it does create opportunities to spread knowledge and raise money for the greater environmental good. Sure, I could
always cut down on clothes and dry-cleaning, but the point is not necessarily what more you could do -- we could all do more -- the point is that we do our part. And even with the house and clothes, I think I can do, and am doing, my part.

I mean, that's a reasonable position. So, I started to rethink my first impression. Maybe she isn't a lunatic. But then I read the rest of the article, and got to this gem:
It's [The movie The Day After Tomorrow] fantastic. I think it's going to be a tipping point. I think people are going to look back [and point to it as] when the national discussion got serious on this issue. They're going to point to this movie the way they pointed to The Day After for the nuclear-freeze movement and Silkwood and Erin Brockovich and all these other movies that have come out of Hollywood and had a major impact on the national discourse.
Are you kidding me? That movie was dreadful. Nobody liked it. Well, not many people liked, and most that did liked it for its campiness-- not a strong recommendation for it being a cultural tipping point. And it was so perposterously over-the-top that it may have actually set the environmental movement back because it was just so silly.

I dunno, could being married to Larry David have caused her to have multiple personalities?


I dunno Nick. She saw a movie that she responded to strongly, and in the first flush of enthusiasm, was a bit..over enthusiastic? That's not lunacy. Over the top and irrepressible, but it's enthusiastic people who get things done.

I mean, if being enthusiastic about cheesy movies was evidence of insanity, I'd be locked up for my Evil Dead fix. The MST 3K gang would have to be put to death.

Even Regnery editor and erstwhile maistream Media blogger Ben Domenech had an unnatural fascination with Red Dawn which is arguably worse than The Day After, if only because it has C Thomas Howell in it.
Well, in isolation, sure. But the interview I saw over the weekend was kinda creepy. I can't give any specifics, because, well, I don't have a transcript or anything, but she was SOOOO intense about the topic.

I guess it's just that the reasonable, moderate position she takes in most of that Grist (not a notably reserved publication) interview seems so at odds with the interview I saw on TV and with the Day After Tomorrow quote that it struck me as very odd. The two positions she espouses seem totally disconnected from each other.
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