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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Death, Taxes, and an RUSD Referendum

In only one of the five years I have lived in Racine have we not had a referendum to see if the tax payers of the County are willing to cough up some extra dough for the Racine Unified School District (RUSD). The one year we didn't was because the year before a two-year tax increase to benefit RUSD had been passed.

Regular as clockwork.

So, though I am quite annoyed and disgusted, I am unsurprised by this news:
$6.45 million or $6.9 million: Unified to decide on referendum
Facing a $10.9 million budget deficit, Unified will still have to make deep cuts even if referendum passes

I want good schools for my kids and for all the other kids in Racine-- and I don't mind kicking in a little extra every now and then to make that happen. But every flippin' year is not every now and then-- it's a bloody charity case that we have no choice but to continue to support.

Well, we do have a choice. Just like last year and the year before there will be a referendum. In June. When nothing else is on the ballot. At an extra $30K or so to the tax payers. And even if the referendum comes back NO!, they'll probably just run a new one in August. Much like they did last year.



This year RUSD is trying some new scare tactics. Unlike last year when the first referendum failed in April, they still had the time to rewrite it, wait the mandated 45 days,and have a 'do-over'before the fiscal year ended on June 30th.

Their battle cry this year is "we only have 1 chance to get this passed, so damn it get out and vote YES!"

They will also wring their hands over our 'abysmal' mill rate, and tell the voters that other districts are better off because their mill rate (property tax rate) is higher.

I blogged on this issue earlier today:
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