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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

#4 Returns

Three months ago, I would have been quite happy to hear that. Two months ago, I would have been fairly happy to hear that. One month ago, I would have been somewhat happy to hear that.

Now? Eh.

Having taken this long, I would've preferred that Favre had told the team, but withheld public statements until after the draft-- gives the Pack some leverage with teams that want Leinart/Young/Cutler and were worried that GB might take a QB.

But, okay. Good, I guess, though I'd like to see what Aaron Rogers can do, and if this season is a complete waste in the mold of '05, I would hope that Mike What'shisname would bench Favre and give Rogers a chance to learn when it doesn't cost the team anything.

Yet somehow I don't see that happening. A rookie coach benching a first ballot hall-of-fame quarterback? Seems unlikely.

'Tis a pity. It's been awesome having #4 around for the past decade plus, but this may well be a very ignominious endings to a fabulous career. Not as bad as Emmitt Smith finishing his career in Arizona, but pretty bad nonetheless.


Everyone important knew that he would be back, because otherwise the Packers wouldn't have gotten 3 prime time games, including the last game of the season (or as they will be saying, the end of an era.)
Maybe. Keep in mind that the NFL starts its flexible schedule thingie this year. So, the NFL may have scheduled those games under the presumption that Favre would return (most folks believed he would be) without knowing for certain.

Had he decided to not return, the only prime time game the Pack would have had to have participated in is the Oct. 2 game against Philly. And that could easily become a retrospective look at Favre's career regardless of whether Brett was actually playing in the game or not.
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