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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


That's how I figure the Brewers to finish the season. Yes, I know that the baseball season is 162 games, but it shouldn't be. 120 would be more than enough. Start at the end of April or first week of May and be done with the regular season by mid-August. Toss in a few more off days for the teams.


And the Brewers go undefeated.


Okay, the Brewers won't go undefeated despite a nice 5-2 opening day win yesterday, but MLB really should shorten their season. So should the NBA and the NHL. Of course, they won't because that's X number of fewer games to squeeze a few more $ out of the fans. But they should-- each game would mean more, the teams wouldn't get so beat up over the course of a ridiculously long season, and attendance at each individual game would likely go up since there would be less to choose from.

The Brewers looked good yesterday. They turned four double plays, and their young infield of Hall, Hardy, Weeks and Fielder played very good defense. Doug Davis didn't have his best stuff, but he scrapped his way to only 2 earned runs through six innings, and the relief was lights out. If the starting rotation pitches at, or above, the level they achieved last year, the Brewers have a legitimate shot at the playoffs.

And even if they don't make it, there's always tailgating. Milwaukeeans have been known to drink a few beers while doing that.


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