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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thursday's Babelfish Poem

Constructed from Babelfish re-translations of this week's posts:
I appreciate the day day much, also and even
It was large in practice
It is general, it was sufficiently well
the inverting interruptors could not know

Single and, imagine this, amusing
seems good.


I yes, it will be large but
(and by me you will not fall in love with the large buts)

The car completely of the robbers is not in the same frequency
it requests all the cars of the policies to beat in its brakes
using tubes of paper towel, marbles, pickling solutions of pipe, etc
in the splendourful gymnasium

Strike is hard (hah!) thunderous
Inspect it at the outside
Who agrees "it is decided with silence"
will carry in order to refer in him the Freddie hydrogenous

Going with the realness which fills up that interval
caught by the officials of the application of law


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