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Thursday, March 16, 2006

That 3rd Party Candidacy Thing

I was reading over at Ornery.org when I noticed a small link to "Participants at Ornery.org form a new political party." Intrigued, I clicked on it. It's basically a big forum-- or community or group-- that has formed to discuss making a new party. Right now they seem to have about 30 or so members, so they have only slightly more chance of actually impacting elections than I do, but hey-- I like their set up.

So, check them out at The Concord Party website. Join up. It's free and easy to do. Throw some thoughts for discussion into the mix. Tell your friends (you guys do have some, right?). Hell, let's stage a coup. Okay, that might defeat the purpose. But what the heck-- were any of us really happy to get to choose between Bush and Kerry last time around?


I didn't choose between Bush and Kerry last time... we don't need a new party we need to change the dogmatic narrowminded view that we have only two parties from which to choose.... IT IS NOT WASTING your vote to vote for another party..it is wasting your vote to vote for the big two!!!!!!!!!!! stop wasting your vote, be a man and vote against the bafoons of the big two, if the big two start getting a combined ~80% of the vote then your voice IS heard, if you vote for the big two then your voice runs right off the clif with the other lemmings....
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