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Monday, March 20, 2006

Some Hindsight

It's easy to make predictions and warn of dire consequences in the future. Particularly so if you are never reminded of your predictions and are not held accountable for how accurate-- or inaccurate-- they are. But some folks actually bother to keep track of these things.

So, for a look at back at what many thought was actually going to happen with the War in Iraq, please check out Gateway Pundit's intereting chronology. Now, I remain of the belief that the post-invasion phase of the War could've been handled much better, and I remain of the belief that Donald Rumsfeld was the wrong man for the job. That said, I remain firmly of the belief that the good news in Iraq is horribly underreported, and I find it somewhat odd that anybody would give someone like, oh, say Ted Kennedy, who was so egregiously wrong in his predictions any credibility on this topic whatsoever.

Of course, with Teddy, I've been wondering why anybody gives him any credibility about anything for a very long time.

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