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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Smoking and Queen

tc has an interesting post on each over at his blog. Check it out. I disagree with tc on many, probably most, subjects, but he knows his music, and he's even decided to "tacitly" agree with me on smoking bans.

My take on Queen with Paul Rodgers: it does not work for me. I think Rodgers may have too distinctive of a voice-- I can't get Bad Company out of my head when I hear him singing, even when he's singing Bohemian Rhapsody.

But, as I mentioned over at tc's-- I give him props for even trying to fill Freddie Mercury's spandex. Mercury was the ultimate rock showman, and the chemistry with those four lads from England was remarkable. There's really no way Rodgers was going to be able to fill that gap, but it sounds like May and Taylor are enjoying having Rodgers' with them on tour, so what the heck.


Queen has picked up Paul Rodgers as lead singer? Who knew? Are they going to do an album?

It's a part of my rock and roll fantasy!
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