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Thursday, March 16, 2006

NCAA Records: By State

Okay, heading into the big dance, North Carolina had the most teams-- five, but which state will have the best winning percentage? We'll see. Here's a break down of teams per state:

North Carolina: 5 (Duke, UNC, NC St., UNC-Wilmington, Davidson)

Pennsylvania: 4 (Pitt, Villanova, Penn, Bucknell)

Alabama: 3 (Alabama, South Alabama, UAB)
California: 3 (UCLA, California, San Diego St.)
Illinois: 3 (Illinois, Southern Illinois, Bradley)
Louisiana: 3 (LSU, Northwestern State, Southern University)
Ohio: 3 (Ohio State, Kent State, Xavier)
New York: 3 (Syracuse, Iona, Albany)
Tennessee: 3 (Memphis, Tennessee, Belmont)
Wisconsin: 3 (Wisconsin, Marquette, UW-Milwaukee)

Iowa: 2 (Iowa, Northern Iowa)
Kansas: 2 (Kansas, Wichita St.)
Kentucky: 2 (Kentucky, Murray State)
New Jersey: 2 (Seton Hall, Monmouth)
Oklahoma: 2 (Oklahoma, Oral Roberts)
Texas: 2 (Texas, Texas A&M)
Washington: 2 (Washington, Pacific)
Washington, D.C.: 2 (Georgetown, George Washington)

Arizona: 1 (Arizona)
Arkansas: 1 (Arkansas)
Colorado: 1 (Air Force)
Connecticut: 1 (UConn)
Florida: 1 (Florida)
Indiana: 1 (Indiana)
Massachusetts: 1 (Boston College)
Michigan: 1 (Michigan State)
Montana: 1 (Montana)
Nevada: 1 (Nevada)
Oregon: 1 (Gonzaga)
South Carolina: 1 (Winthrop)
Utah: 1 (Utah State)
Virginia: 1 (George Mason)
West Virginia: 1 (West Virginia)

Phew. So far, after all of three games, the standings are:
Kansas (1-0)
Massachusetts (1-0)
Wisconsin (1-0)
New Jersey (0-1)
Oklahoma (0-1)
Washington (0-1)


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