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Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Little Humble Pie

Served up for all the "professional" football pundits by Tuesday Morning Quarterback. Granted, the pie is over a month old, but I hadn't read it yet, so maybe you haven't either.

My favorite bad prediction from last year:
Houston "should make the playoffs," Clark Judge of CBS SportsLine predicted. Houston finished with the worst record in the league. Judge added that the Texans "might have made the playoffs a year ago were it not for a 1-5 stretch." This is like saying Russia might have won the Crimean War, if only it had not lost all the battles.
How anybody could've looked at the mess that was the Texans' offensive line before the season and figured they could make the playoffs in the AFC and with a schedule where they had to play Indianapolis and Jacksonville twice, Cincinatti, Pittsburgh, Seattle and Kansas City is beyond me.


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