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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hey, didn't you use to be Rick Pitino?

When the Big East reformulated its basketball conference this year with five teams from Conference USA, everybody figured Louisville-- coached by Rick Pitino-- and Cincinatti would be the two C-USA teams that would have an immediate impact. Depaul, Marquette and South Florida were all relegated to also-ran status before the season even commenced.

Regular season results?

Louisville, 6-10 (Barely qualified for the Big East tourney where they were thoroughly thumped by Pittsburgh)

Cincinatti, 8-8 (Lost in the first round of the Big East tourney on a last second shot by Syracuse)

Depaul, 5-11 (Did not qualify for the Big East tourney-- only the top 12 of 16 teams gets in)

South Florida, 1-15 (Did not qualify for the Big East tourney)

Marquette, 10-6 (Garnered a first round bye in the Big East tourney and may well be the only former C-USA team to make the Big Dance later this week)

Go Marquette!


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