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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Big Wet Sloppy Kiss?

From the NCAA selection committee? Well, clearly Tennesee got one-- how they got a #2 seed is beyond me. I mean, kudos to Bruce Pearl for getting these guys to play at such a high level night in and night out, but they're a 3 seed pure and simple. LSU and BC (both 4 seeds) deserve to be ahead of Tennesee, and North Carolina (a 3) probably should be ahead of them, too. For crumb's sake, the Vols ended the season losing three of four and four of six.

Who else? Well, personally I think fellow SEC team Florida (3 seed) got a little nooky from the committee (again-- ahead of LSU?), and how Nevada got a 5 seed playing a dreadful non-conference schedule and in a dreadful conference is also a head scratcher. Air Force being in at all is probably a pretty good neck nibbler from the selection committee-- I mean, the second best team from a crappy (Mountain West) conference? Sheesh.

UCLA got more than a peck on the cheek with their #2 seed, as well. Granted they won the Pac-10, but the Pac-10 wasn't very good this year, and the winner of the Big 10, Ohio State, got the same exact #2 seed. And while Syracuse's remarkable run in the Big East tourney was impressive, they finished below .500 in the conference-- in 9th place. So, naturally they're a 5 seed, just like Pittsburgh, who finished three games better than them in conference play and with a better seed than West Virginia (6 seed) who also finished three games ahead of them in conference play.

Smoochy, smoochy, smoochy.


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Personally, I think ranking Tennessee as a #2 causes them more problems. If they lose now, they join that notorious group of teams that lost to a #15, the biggest upsets in the tourney, whereas if they are a 4 or even 5 seed, they lose and no one cares.
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