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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Alternative Thursday Babelfish Entry

Same post, English to Greek to English:

Pe'rysj I was a victory of Jlljno'js in finally makrya' from the victory of ncaa
my lake. Their loss me threw in the 4$o -- rather annoying since the leading 3
took paid. Be mistaken... pretzels. No money. No, sure no money.

En pa'si perjptw'sej, this year, despite almost each one that takes a brutal defeat in
their various props, thinks that I am in the better case fair in the
merchandise. Losing one of my final four teams (state of Oha'joy of thanks. OH,
and big thanks globally in big the Ten -- boy made that the conference vrwma'
above!), my alone hope is that the Georgetown him it finally makes in the four
from the prop her Minneapolis -- I am enough certain that no one him it does not
have that they go that far.

Thus, I will inform after the tomorrow and Weekend, but do not appear good immediately.

Sniff. No one pretzels this year, nor.

So, babelfish could handle pretzels just fine with Greek, but seemed to have lots of trouble with simple words like "anyway", "Ohio" and "stink".

"Be mistaken... pretzels. No money. No, sure no money." does not approach the zenistic properties of the Korean translation.

Anybody speak other languages fleuntly enough to see if the babelfish is any better going from, say, Russian to Spanish and back than it is in working with English? I would have to suspect it is, since English is about the most inconsistent and silly language imaginable.


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