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Friday, February 24, 2006

The Port Issue

Dennis the Peasant makes an interesting and persuasive-- and detailed-- case for backing off on the Dubai/UAE Port purchase issue. I remain of the opinion that more scrutiny of the deal is not bad, but I do think that if the situation is reviewed and found acceptable, then by all means lets do it. President Bush makes a valid point when he says that fostering cooperation with Arab nations is exactly what we need in the long run-- unfortunately, his basic response to the kerfuffle has been "trust me." Thing is, I don't any more.

But, yes, if the deal is solid, and security is not compromised, then by all means lets do it-- but just having underlings in an administration that has already proven to be riddled by cronyism and nepotism look it over seems far from adequate.

For the original, less filtered and consequently longer, posts that DtP wrote on his blog before distilling it down to the piece on Reason, start reading here.


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