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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

OTIT: The Regents' Disconnect

Wisconsin's economy isn't doing all that great, and while there are radically different intrepretations of why that is so, the upshot is that there is less state money to go around than there has been previously. Most state agencies, and state-supported agencies, have seen little or no increase in their budgets over the last few budgets, and some have seen significant cuts (actual cuts-- not decreases in the annual increase). So there's that.

Now, of the state's funds, a large percentage (approximately 8.5%, or roughly $1 billion of the state's projected $12 billion in tax and fee revenues in 2006) goes to the UW-System. Because of fiscal constraints-- related to enrollment issues as well as state funding-- all UW schools have had to make cuts in the last four years. My raises in the past three years have been 3%, 2% and 2%-- regardless of the fact that my evaluation was excellent. Everybody's raises were minimal. Such is life.

And I was okay with that. Not thrilled, no, but okay-- times are tough, so we all have to suck it up a little. Would I have preferred a 7% raise? Sure, but I'd also prefer we didn't have to fire anybody (particularly me), and not filling open positions only goes so far.

Thing is, I REALLY would've liked a 22% raise! Wow, who wouldn't? Except that making chancellor salaries "competitive" does not suddenly increase tuition or state funding-- so the lovely raises the chancellors will be getting have to come from cuts somewhere else. Like the job of somebody who isn't a chancellor.

Having "competitive" salaries is great-- if you can afford it. If not, you find other ways to entice good individuals to take the positions. Of course, at this time, none of the chancellor positions are open! Presumably all thirteen of the current chancellors knew what the pay was going to be when they signed on-- so why are we giving them all raises, regardless of performance, at a time when a lot of positions have been eliminated (most empty, thankfully)?

It is absolutely ludicrous, and it comes at a time when the UW-System is already being held in low esteem by the state legislature (and much of the public) for what are seen as profligate and irresponsible spending habits. I'm pretty sure this won't help.

Well, maybe it's just a matter of time. Maybe those 22% raises are coming my way next year.

Yeah, that's it.

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Yea, the funny thing is this type of thing has been going on in other large corporations as well. I believe this stems from keeping the shareholder happy. How many outstanding year end reports have you seen from your employer stating the profit margins of 6 percent or better. I don't see a trickle down theory(Reaganomics) at work here.
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