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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

An Opportunity for Bush?

His approval rating is under 40, and his grand vision for the Middle East seems to be stalling at best. Meanwhile, his vice-president is cranky, close-minded and has a propensity for generating bad press-- I mean, shooting someone is never really going to reflect well on you, even if the victim apologizes for slowing down the buckshot.

But. What if the rumors that Cheney might not be back after the mid-terms in November are true?

Suddenly the political landscape has radically changed-- right now, the VP is not a potential torch bearer for the GOP in '08. Instead, McCain, Romney, Giuliani, Allen and others are all in a big lump of inconsequentialness. If Cheney resigns, whomever Bush appoints as his replacement is suddenly and significantly the front-runner for the GOP nomination in '08.

So, why not Condoleezza Rice? She's brilliant, telegenic, reasonably conservative and, oh yeah, a woman and black. What fun if the '08 matchup was Hillary vs. Condi. That would totally rock. And you'd have to think that Lincoln would be smiling down if his party was the one that had the country's first woman and first black person to hold the vice-presidency and maybe the presidency.


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