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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ewww... Icky!

I personally don't care much that Monday Night Football is moving to ESPN. Being poor, I don't get ESPN anyway, so instead of not seeing the Sunday night game, I won't see the Monday night game. Jenn and I briefly tossed around the idea of getting expanded cable just for the NFL season, but decided we really don't need it-- which is true.

Now comes word that the ESPN crew will consist of Mike Tirico (who is very good-- an improvement over Al Michaels who was decent), Joe Thiesman (who is dreadful) and Tony Kornheiser (who's principle claim to being qualified seems to be he likes to talk. This thoroughly sqaushes any desire I might have had to get ESPN, as I find Theisman to be an idiot-- but unafraid to consistently be an idiot week in and week out and perfectly willing to never learn from his mistakes-- Kornheiser annoying (though I haven't had a lot of exposure to him) and Tirico... well, I just feel sorry for him. He deserves better.


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