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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Danish Cartoon Update

UPDATE II: Wow-- just discovered that the whole controversy is a result of Little Green Footballs and other right-wing blogs! Who knew? Seems everyone who thinks that a newspaper has a right to publish cartoons without having to worry about death threats is just trying to get the extremist Muslims to riot. All part of the upcoming invasion of Iran, natch. Truly a mind-bending experiment in how everything-- absolutely everything-- is the right's fault. Ride at your own risk.

UPDATE I: I have edited this piece a bit since I have had time to simmer down and to read around. I think the key piece that has somewhat changed my perspective is the knowledge that the newspaper tried to be provocative-- mission accomplished! They probably shouldn't have published the things in the first place. That said, the Muslim response has been absurd and totally out of proportion to the offense, and I do still hope you will all buy some Danish products should the opportunity present itself.

There is a nice summary of the current situation, plus a timeline of how it got to be an issue in the first place, over at gagwatch. In addition, Mojo points out that the State Department's response to the situation was not quite as lame as I initially thought-- my apologies for taking newspaper accounts at face value. I should know better by now.

Above and beyond, to date the "condemnation" of the riots, arson and death that have resulted from the ridiculous over-reaction of Muslims around the world has been pretty weak. Imagine what the world reaction would have been if Catholics and other Christians had responded by burning things down after Andres Serrano's exhibition of the ever charming Piss Christ.

Honestly, is there a thinner-skinned group of people who are more prone to express their anger in violent ways than Muslims? Yes, that's a sterotype and yes there are many, many Muslims who are perfectly nice people and don't respond to "blasphemy" by blowing things up, threatening murder, or huge, bloody riots. But at present, these voices seem to be a minority. Either that, or the extremist whackjobs get all the press. Either way, as Andrew Sullivan notes, it is time to stop enabling the jihadists.


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