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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

But It's Not About Race

In the second paragraph of a recent column, the Jourtinel's Eugene Kane paraphrases Bryant Gumbel as follows:
The Winter Olympics? Nah, it's too boring. Besides, where are all the brothers at?
and follows it up two paragraphs later with:
So I knew full well the Winter Games are decidedly short on melanin.
All of which is true enough. Black people are underrepresented at the Winter Olympics. So, why-- and I ask why about a lot of Kane's stuff, I know-- does he conclude his column which has solely and entirely been devoted to talking about the anamoly of a black speedskater and how he's going to watch Shani Davis because he's black, with this:
Given all the talk of a less-than-exciting Winter Games, maybe this grudge match [between Davis and Chad Hedrick] will provide some needed sizzle for reasons that have nothing to do with race.
Key words, "nothing to do with race." Eugene, you just spent your entire column talking about how it had everything to do with race! Aye carumba. Well, inherent contradiction aside, the column is interesting-- even if Shani Davis is still a jerk. Pity the first black man to win a gold medal at the Winter Olympics had to be a Grade A Jag. Of course, so is Chad Hedrick. Which is naturally why they are both receiving much more media attention than Joey Cheek, a quiet, respectful, honorable champion in the way neither Shani or Chad have been.

Final note, I do agree with Kane's recent blog post saying that folks objecting to his "where the brothers at" line need to get a sense of humor.


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