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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Blogs Rock!

The Racine Journal Times has started blogs related to local elections-- great idea! At the blog I was able to get more detail about the six folks still in the running for my local school board in 15 minutes than I am likely to get from the newspaper itself over the next two months.

The only annoying thing about the blog is that the community can not post there directly. I suspose that is a lot to ask-- lord knows I wouldn't let any of my two readers post directly to my blog!-- but it would be nice. It seems that the candidates can post there, yet only one has-- and he didn't make it through the primary! Hopefully the remaining six candidates will take fuller advantage of the blog as the general election nears.

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Well, a blog where any random person can post does have a name. It's called a message board!
Yeah, I suppose you're right. Actually, I don't really want other people to be able to post-- just ME! :-)

Still, it can be an important forum for public input and policy discussion, so I hope it gets used.
Right - maybe you should let your two readers post here whenever they want. ;)
Hey, if you ever want to post, send me a word doc-- I'll throw it up there.

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