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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Al-Jazeera's Credibility

They are styling themselves as a legitimate worldwide news agency. Based on this, I think they've made it.

The article is biased, incomplete, and is credited to wikipedia-- an "encyclopedia" created and maintained by anybody and everybody. In other words, of questionable quality at best.

Biased, incomplete and not edited worth a damn.

Yup, they are definitely part of the MSM.


I noted this story on 05 March 2006 in a comment to another post:

On Friday, 03 March 2006, Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, drove an SUV through an open area known as the Pit at the UNC-Chapel Hill campus, hitting nine people. The Pit is surrounded by two libraries, a dining hall and the Frank Porter Graham Student Union, and is a popular area for students to congregate.

According to witness accounts, a statement by an FBI spokesman, and Taheri-azar's own admission, this wasn't a situation of Taheri-azar accidentally losing control of the vehicle and crashing through a populated area on campus. Taheri-azar intended to target and kill those in the Pit.

"He was speeding up and swerving to hit people. One person got knocked onto the windshield, and he didn't care," said student Lauren Westafer, who saw the accident.

The FBI joined the case because Taheri-azar, a native of Iran, "allegedly made statements that he acted to avenge the American treatment of Muslims. The ongoing investigation will work to confirm this," said Special Agent Richard Kolko, an FBI spokesman in Washington.

As he left court, Taheri-Azar told reporters, "the truth is my lawyer." When asked if he was trying to kill people, he said yes.


I checked the websites for ABC News, CBS News, CNN, Fox News, Google News, MSNBC, and Yahoo! News at Noon. Fox is the only one who has it under their top headlines/stories section, and ABC is the only other of the five news organizations to even have anything about this incident on their main page (under their U.S. News headlines).

An Iranian native intentionally tries to kill students by running them down on campus at Noon on a Friday, and 71% of seven major news source websites do not carry this on their main page. Disgusting.

Anyone want to put money on how in-depth the coverage would be if it had been a former Marine behind the wheel of that SUV? How about the coverage that will ensue if a good-ol'-boy decides to take matters into his own hands? That's different, though. Marines and rednecks aren't a protected class in the MSM.
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