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Thursday, February 16, 2006

An Addition

To my June list of excellent songwriters. Recently added The Kinks Ultimate Collection to my computer play list. Ray Davies has an amazing ability to combine catching, happy tunes with sardonic, thoughtful and, often, humorous lyrics. I knew that already from Lola, the entire Misfits album, Celluloid Heroes and Come Dancing, but a lot of the songs on the double disc set I had never heard before-- most excellent.

Death of a Clown, Don't Forget to Dance, Shangri-La, Dedicated Follower of Fashion-- plus Celluloid Heroes, one of the most hauntingly beautiful rock songs of all time, plus You Really Got Me, which has been covered by, well, everybody, I think. A highly recommended "best of" compilation, spoiled only by the lack of "Rock and Roll Fantasy."


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