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Saturday, January 21, 2006


Two new folks checking out the undoubtedly excellent observations, commentations and disturbed gyrations of the Libertarian Librarian.

Here's what my nephew, SGT Nick Hitt had to say in the comments area for my post that included pictures from, and of, him:
Hey. My name is SGT Nicholas Hitt and this is my uncle's Blogspot. I thank you all that support the troops over here. I find it rough some times, but it always makes me more motavated to hear that people back home are backing us. It's the American people that make or break us.
Keep that in mind folks-- it makes a big difference to our brave men and women in the armed services when we do-- or don't-- support them and what they are trying to accomplish in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The other new arrival is Joshua, aka Raolin, one of the small cadre of talented writers John H. and I worked with several years ago-- good to hear from you Josh!:

Not the only one; I managed to stumble across this little nook myself. Howdy, folks.

Raolin Darksbane.

I hope you both stop in from time to time and offer us your insights. Nick, if there's anything in particular you want me to post-- personal observations, pics, thoughts on Iraq and its people, whatever-- send it along in an email and/or comment and I'll be happy to share it with all two of my readers!

Actually, for reasons unknown, my readership is up, which is cool. Thanks to everyone who stops in, and a special thanks to those who leave comments-- feedback is always a welcome thing for a writer, even when it isn't always positive.
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