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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

That Kind of Anger Will Eat You Up Inside

That's the phrase my college friends often use when one of us goes off on a far-flung tirade against an individual, or occassionally an entire institution or organization. Usually it occurs during a discussion of sports when Player X's name would comes up in conversation, and somebody says something along the lines of, "X? I hate that bastard. I had the 2003 fantasy football title wrapped up until that punk caught for 184 yards in week 12-- and on top of that, he ran for 21 more!" It is then the civic obligation of one of the others of us to say, "Chill out-- that kind of anger will eat you up inside." Maybe you have to be there, but it's funny to us.

Some folks really do have to chill out, though, or the anger will eat them up inside. It is not healthy to be fuming and bitter and, well, angry all the time-- whether you suppress it or vent it. Cynicism appears to be a signficant contributing factor as well.

Which makes me worry about this guy. He seems almost compulsively incapable of making a point without denigrating those who disagree with him, and his "humor" consists entirely of snark, ridicule and sniping from the sidelines. Maybe it's all an act, a premise established to draw in those who feel similarly but don't have the time, energy or creativity to vent their spleen so emphatically. Maybe it is merely venting and helps him to be more tranquil, objective and able to enjoy the rest of his life.

Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, it is a bit of an object lesson to all of us-- that kind of anger will eat you up inside.


Which makes me worry about this guy.

Thanks for your concern. I'm doing fine. Anger can burn you out, it's true, but cold contempt is actually quite soothing. Cheers!
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