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Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Small Favor

Since Wisconsin, and in particular Milwaukee, is attempting to take the title of Most Corrupt Government away from Chicago, I'm asking you all to kindly take just a minute of your time and help me stuff a virtual ballot box. Perfectly legal, actually. J.J. Ace published a novel in 2005, Judgement Day, and while I did not participate in the writing of that novel, I will, hopefully, be part of future J.J. Ace publications-- so the more awards/kudos/sales the first book gets, the better.

So, please go to http://www.critters.org/predpoll/novelsf.shtml and vote for Judgement Day by J.J. Ace. If you are feeling ambitious, or just reveling in the glory of stuffing a ballot box, have your friends and relatives do the same. All of us connected with J.J. Ace appreciate your efforts.

Should you care to buy the book, please go here. It is quite good-- so buy early and often. Er, same for the voting.

Heads-up on the voting: You are required to put in your name and an email address to avoid ballot stuffing.
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