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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Shuffle Play Weirdness

When you play your digital songs on shuffle, strange things can happen-- particularly when you have a lot of music from bands like Pink Floyd or Genesis that tended to make concept albums where one song frequently flows right into the next. Two of my strangest shuffle play occurences I've had recently: Bat out of Hell segueing into Eruption (just for the strangeness, and yet oddly resonate, of over the top '70s production with the stripped down rawness of Eddie Van Halen wailing on guitar) and Pink Floyd's Don't Leave Me Now merging into Pink Floyd's Pigs (Three Different Ones).

Don't Leave Me Now ends with the sound of TVs being smashed in, but the last of the four TVs is at the beginning of the next track rather than at the end of Don't Leave Me Now. Pigs starts with an echoing pig oink. So, instead of Boof (sound of TV being smashed), Boof, Boof, pause, Boof, I got Boof, Boof, Boof, pause, Oink...oink... oink. Probably none of you care, but it was a really strange effect.

Any of you have any riveting shuffle play oddities to share with the class?
I was riveted enough by your boofing and oinking, thank you.

Yet another reason to Escape Wisconsin.

Very evocative, I can almost hear the oinks, even though I've never heard "Pigs" . . . hey, wait a minute . . .
I was right. It's definitely Boof, Boof Boof Boof, pause, Boof, longer pause, Boof.

Ah. So that's why I hadn't tried "shuffle" before - I've got way too many odd clips that are good for a laugh the first time round. And boy-band pop for my better half. Still, this should be fun once I've sorted my collection properly.

For now, best segues seem to be between Orbital and anything classical, and the worst lurches are between Big Black and anything even vaguely soft.
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